Dear Educators,
We are living in a world of uncertainty and fear. We are struggling to answer questions about education and social emotional learning when we can’t find answers to proceed with re-opening our schools. Our country is divided and our children our suffering. The impact of COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd fueled rage, resentment, fury, and sadness. Our students don’t know what to think or feel. They are training to process their own losses. They might have lost their freedom, safety, a loved one, a scholarship, a friend, or so much more.

Bulldog Solution is changing with you to address the lost, grief, and uncertainty that we are all facing. Our missing is to provide professional development training, consulting, and educational coaching. We are emotional management experts and group management specialist. We know how to process, manage, and shift emotions to change behaviors and though patterns. We want to provide you with the best service and guide you through this time of change.

We are providing all our services online and we can facilitate small group sessions on grounds. Our goal is to prepare you for the fall and ground you for upcoming changes. We will help create clarity during these uncertain times. We will give your teachers and educators hope and insight on how they can proceed to rebuild their school culture and community. Our goal is to serve you as you move into this new normal.

Now is a time to invest in your teachers and staff. To do so we need to have difficult conversations to foster change and build resilience. Let us help you with the transition and give you the tools to re-open safely. You are not alone and we will walk you through each step of the way.
Stay Strong and Spread Love,

Dr. Kortney Peagram
Owner and Dreamer of Bulldog Solution

Book a Parent Workshop

Book a Parent Workshop

Bulldog Solution’s parent workshops are focused on the parents’ needs and interactive. We open up with a Q&A to find out more about parents’ concerns then we tie in the content.
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Book Virtual Professional Development

Book Professional Development

Bulldog facilitators work with teachers, staff, and paraprofessionals to ensure that they learn new techniques to apply immediately back into the classrooms.
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Consult with Dr. Peagram

Consult with Dr. Peagram

We offer one-on-one sessions with Dr. Peagram. With sessions to resolve conflict, address a behavioral issue, and provide coaching for students and teachers.
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Crisis Response Teamⓒ. (CRT)

Crisis Response Teamⓒ. (CRT)

The CRT’s mission is to provide short-term crisis intervention to students and teachers to manage stressful situations, grief, loss, and escalated bullying incidents.
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Product of the Month

Fetch the Feelings Card Game

Fetch the Feeling Cards are a set of different faces that depict a range of emotions. They are a great tool for facilitators, counselors, teachers, and psychologists to help students learn how to express, share, and understand their feelings.