SEL Toolkit Strategies to Use Classrooms


Strategies on how to use SEL skills in your classrooms

Structure, Repetition, & Consistency:  Create a routine and be consistent: Develop a daily agenda and share an overview of each class or lesson to help establish structure in the classroom. Repeat your classroom expectations or rules everyday. Make it into a game, song, or riddle so it becomes a habit or routine. 

Identify each student’s strength and write it down: Use team building activities to help students work together and identify peers strengths. Debrief as a larger group and share your perspective on what your class has accomplished; then write down the new strengths identified. 

Reward your students for any good behavior: If your students have reached a goal or achievement, it should be celebrated! Give incentives such as no homework or 5 minutes of cell phone usage. Even something small will work, so they can look forward to the reward. 

file-oct-25-4-36-56-pmYou can also check out  Building SEL skills  for more strategies on how to build children’s SEL skills. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]