Why are Social Emotional Learning Skills Important

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Imagine a child facing social pressures from classmates, dealing with stressed-out teachers, and over worked parents. This is the life of thousands of children. They go about life in survival mode, and in turn, can become emotionally distant. What can be done? Well, the truth is our reaction to these emotional events can be curbed by our increased social and emotional intelligence. The implications of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) are monumental, especially in regards to how children view themselves and others. SEL is essential in producing positive social behaviors, fewer conduct problems, less emotional distress, and an improvement in academic performance. SEL focuses on modeling and instructing children on self-awareness, social awareness, relationship building, decision making, and self- management.

This is where Bulldog Solutions comes in, with the goal of focusing on promoting Social Emotional Learning. This is because a child with higher social and emotional intelligence will be able to have better self-esteem and self-confidence. A child who carries the tools learned at a Bulldog Solutions event is better able to prevent bullying, practice tolerance, and become a leader. These qualities are transformative and are essential to a child becoming a productive adult and citizen of the world.

So how can we as educators teach SEL in the classrooms? We believe it is through using experiential learning activities and facilitated discussions. The issue is that we are often too busy or our curriculums become demanding, so time escapes us. This is why we developed these SEL toolkits to help ease the activities into the classroom without putting any additional work on the teachers. The boxes come with curriculums, scripted facilitated questions, materials, activities, and worksheets. The goal is to help build collaboration, leadership, and compassion in the classrooms. We want to eliminate the added stress of creating activities or curriculums to teach SEL. Our SEL Toolkits are a solution that might change the way we teach Social Emotional Learning. Thanks for reading our work

Sending you positive vibes!
Fithawit & Kortney

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