Classroom Management Tips

Q&A from a teacher in Crown Point Indiana.

Dear Bulldog,

I'm looking for some strategies to best manage my class and create an innovative classroom. I am new this year and want to start on the right foot.
From a Newbie Teacher


Dear Newbie Teacher,

What a great question! Here are some of our suggestions to help with classroom management and create an inviting environment:

  • Arrange seating assignments for students to expand their social circle
  •  Put positive images on the wall
  •  Add quotes of the day on the chalkboard
  •  Put pictures of your students on the board with their strengths
  •  Create an “imagine board” to add ideas, pictures, goals, art, and quotes
  • Divide your classroom into zones for different student “needs” (examples: reading corner, thinking corner, “Reset & Regroup”, and quiet zone)
  •  Be sure your students can see the whiteboard or chalkboard
  •  Make sure that high traffic areas are free of clutter (bags, shoes, desks, chairs)
  • Greet your students by name as they walk into the classroom
  • Arrange the room so you can see your entire class at any given time
  • Create a seating chart to establish structure
  •  Develop an interest board so students can find commonalities 
  • Walk around while you are teaching to keep students engaged and alert
  • During the first five minutes spend time laying out the day
  • In the last five minutes spend time reviewing the day and talking about the next day
  • Make sure you always leave time to transition from one task to another
  • Use transitions effectively to explain the next task

Hope this sparks your innovation and good luck with your first day at school! We hope that you make an incredibly positive impact on your students!

Bulldog Team