Building A Positive School Climate

With Bullying Prevention Month in full swing, I wanted to share some resources as you plan for your PD, assemblies, and campaigns for the rest of the school year. Here are 5 low cost ideas to do in the fall:

1. Create a kindness post-it mural: Buy a bunch of post-it and have a bulletin wall and ask students to share kind words to peers or messages to lift their spirits.

2. Create an election for “Leader of the week”: Have students vote in a box or online about kind, compassion, leaders that make a difference in your school. At the end of the week, tally up the votes and announce the leader for the week. Add in a story on why students elected them.

3. Create kindness announcements: words from the students to share appreciation about their peers or teachers/staff.

4. Share a story, quote, or news alert: over the intercom about kind or compassionate gestures people are doing around the school, community, and world.

5. Having a video contest: for best message kindness and compassion for National Bullying Prevention Month or just moving forward throughout the year. Students develop videos about how to spread kindness, compassion, or how to be an “Upstander” or “Change Agent” throughout the school. Run a contest and you can have the students vote for the best video on your website or social media accounts.

These are some simple ideas that can help you build a strong campaign during National Bullying Prevention Month or building a positive school climate. By promoting kindness, acceptance, inclusion, and compassion, you are giving students tools to be a leader and help their peers when faced with roasting, drama, or bullying. In order to eradicate bullying, we need to teach students about kindness and compassion. For more ideas, please visit our website and Q&A for more suggestions. Thanks and we wish you the best of luck with building a positive school climate.

Keep up the awesome work!

Bulldog Team