Tips to Build Self-Esteem and Positivity in Your Daily Life

Tips from a Bulldog to Increase Self-Esteem

As days become long and weeks start to run together, it can be easy to lose a positive sense of self. It is important, at any age, to take the proper steps to maintain our self-esteem and start practicing self love and care. 

One of the most important steps we can take is to believe in ourselves; often times, we are faced with people who try to tell us differently. By believing in ourselves, we begin to understand the value we have and, in return, can begin to live and speak our truth. Having the ability to live and speak our truth will give us a sense of direction and make us feel confident in the decisions we make. I often start my day by thinking about the exciting plans I have for the day. By taking the time to think about how I want to spend the day, and what excites me, it gives me a positive boost and sets the tone to believe in my truth. 

As we go about our days, it is also important to see ourselves in a positive light. Even though it is important to face our challenges and grow from our mistakes, it is even more important to then give ourselves credit for the positive ways we have reacted throughout the day. I love using positive affirmations when my day takes a turn for the worst. I will write myself a note or I like to leave positive notes for my husband. Sometimes sharing what we love about each other is a great boost to our sense of self. The more we practice positive affirmation the more we engage in a positive sense of self. 

It is important to make sure we also have positive relationships in our life. We need a strong support around us to foster our own truth. Much of what we do and how we feel is influenced by others. So having the right people in our corner is critical for our self worth.

My favorite way to build a strong positive sense of self is to journal. Journaling can allow us to reflect and this may include writing down our short term goals and how we plan to achieve them. I started by taking a couple days a week to reflect on my thoughts, emotions, and feelings and how they relate to my journey of building a positive sense of self. I also love the 5-minute journal as a quick way to reflect on my day.

Overall, building a more positive sense of self is not something that can be done in one day; rather, it takes years of practice and growth. We need to start today because WE ARE WORTH IT!

Be the Best Version of Yourself,
Lexi Cummings

My name is Alexis Cummings, and I am a current masters student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology studying Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I am a facilitator and social media planner for Bulldog Solution. I am originally from Minnesota and just recently moved to Chicago. I have two dogs whose names are Duke who is a one-year-old cocker spaniel and Nala who is a 3 month old Jack Russell Terrier; both were rescue dogs who have filled my life with endless puppy kisses and walks. My husbands name is Javier, and he is originally from Colombia. I speak two languages: English and Spanish. My hobbies include traveling, playing with my dogs, hanging out with friends, making sushi with my husband and photography.