What to do when your child is being bullied

In all of our workshops on bullying, cyberbullying, and digital safety, parents ask us what they can do when their child is being bullied. We compiled a series of tips to best help parents intervene and address bullying with their children.

Top Tips to Help Parents with Bullying 
  1. Document the incidents with dates and times.
  2. Screen shot and print the incidents.
  3. Document your steps to inform the school. We work with a ton of schools and they need evidence to be able to conduct investigations and help you.
  4. Talk to the Principal, Assistant Principal, Deans, Counselors, Social Worker, and Teachers. Find out what you can do and what’s the school’s protocol.
  5. Bring concerns up to PTA or LSC meetings, be a voice for your child. Your kid is not the only one being bullied.
  6. Ask your child what they want you to do and how you can best support him/her during this time.
  7. Get them involved in a club, group, or activity outside the school to develop a different network of friends not involved with the situation.
  8. Do not confront the bully or perpetrator.
  9. Seek help from a therapist to help rebuild your child’s sense of self.
  10. Do not ignore the bullying or retaliate online.
  11. Share your own experience with bullying.
  12. Do not take your child phone or internet privileges away. They will resist telling you any future incidents.

These tips are great, but you need to follow up and respect your child’s needs. Understanding your child, building their self-esteem, seeking outside help, and being their advocate are the most critical steps. Don’t solve the problem, but help your child develop a road map of solutions and strategies. We need to coach our kids to build resilience and compassion, by solving their issues we are stealing healing and learning opportunities.

Until Next Time…
Kortney Peagram, Ph.D.
Founder Bulldog Solution Inc