Bruno The Friendship Monster

Meet Our Friendship Monster Bruno

Hello World,

My name is Bruno and I am here to talk to you about Friendship. I am a red little monster and I love pizza.  I sometimes struggle with making friends. I tend to annoy people because I have a lot of energy and sometimes I can’t sit still. Ernie is my best friend and he is more quiet than me.  I love basketball and playing video games. I want to work with students like me that struggle with making and keeping friends. Sometimes I don’t understand why my friends exclude me. It hurts me when I see them hanging out on social media and they didn’t invite me. I am a little afraid to ask, so I act cool, but it makes me sad. I just want to learn how to build healthy friendships. I also want to learn how to handle toxic friends. So my question of the day is what makes a good friend? 

Bruno is a great persona to start dialogue with students about friendship, drama, and bullying. Ask students what makes a good and bad friend? Ask them how do they make friends? You can also tie in addressing peer pressure and strategies to build strong friendships. This all falls into SEL (Social Emotional Learning) skills. 

Until Next Time…

Bruno & The Bulldog Team