Meet Harry Luk from Bulldog

The Mad Researcher 

My name is Harry Luk. In 2010, I came to the United States from Hong Kong to study I/O Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I enrolled in a coaching course taught by Dr. Kortney’s when pursuing my master’s degree. During this course, I learned many new skills that helped me to discover things that I did not know about myself such as the ways I act and think. Learning all of this has allowed me to be able to make better decisions and deal with my arising problems. The class also taught me to be more empathetic and open.

My Journey with Bulldog 

I joined Bulldog shortly after I finished graduate school to help with research and gather data. I was worried about working with students because I am not a people person, and I thought they’d be difficult to manage. I was proven wrong because most students I have meet have been very friendly, nice, and respectful. However, many of these students are being bullied at school and are living in conditions we cannot even imagine. I really hope what we do at Bulldog can help these students create a brighter future with their own hands for themselves and their community. During my time with Bulldog, I hope to be able to teach students how to express themselves to prevent drama, resolve conflicts, and stop bullying.

Our Assembly Model

When conducting assemblies, I am able to interact, talk, listen, play games and do activities with students all while building rapport. We often discuss kindness, empathy, and respect which are all very abstract concepts for both students and adults. However, through this interaction with students, I can help them to feel what it’s like to be respected and to be respectful. I want to give these students the power and knowledge to choose the path that they want to journey on and that will benefit them and the people around them. I think educating the younger members of our society isn’t just the parents’ and teachers’ responsibilities, rather, all of us who have more experience are responsible for guiding and helping students. Start today with me and begin to make a difference.

Harry Luk , M.A.
Researcher and Facilitator
Bulldog Solution, Inc.