Meet Chimare Eaglin from Bulldog

Educator and Travel Enthusiast

Hello Educators and Parents,

I’m Chimare Eaglin. Working for Bulldog is great! Everyone has the chance to use their unique gifts to grow and inspire others. I love to learn – I have a MA in Counseling Psychology, and I’m currently pursuing my PhD in Business Psychology. I strive to view everyday as a chance to make a difference, and I get my motivation from the simple pleasures around me. I’m a lover of the arts – music, culinary, literature, craft and everything in between! Budding travel enthusiast – My travels have given me the opportunity to explore, savor cuisines from around the world, and learn from every experience I encounter – It’s a huge passion of mine! My passions drive me both as a person and through my work.

Why Bulldog Solution?

As an educator, I hold a deep sense of social responsibility that values empowering youth and giving back to the community and way that I can. I love to use self-expression, creativity and fun to learn, and the interactive tools that Bulldog brings make for a rich learning experience. I believe that compassion and conversation can be the gateway to making a lasting impact, and I love that with Bulldog I get to support the efforts against bullying by creating safe spaces where youth can flourish within themselves. My experience with Bulldog has given me the opportunity to teach students skills that help now and in the future – I love the chance to watch them grow! I strive to bring my experiences to help others, learn from them, and together create change. Overall, my goal in life is to plant seeds wherever I go!



Chimare Eaglin , M.A.
Researcher and Facilitator
Bulldog Solution, Inc.