Desaree Discovered The Anger Iceburg

Desaree is here to share her story

Hi, I’m Desaree, but my friends call me D. I’m kind of shy and quiet until you get to know me. I love reading and getting lost in my books. I do ballet and like to listen to music. I always want to take care of people. I tend to suppress my feelings instead of facing them. It’s just my mom, younger brother and me since my dad died. I was really angry after it happened and would often act out. One of the things that’s helped me understand my anger is the iceberg. When I act out, I’m showing my anger, but the iceberg helped me identify what emotions I’m feeling under the surface.

You might be wondering what the iceberg is all about. The iceberg is a worksheet with a picture of an iceberg and it is meant to help identify emotions. The top of the iceberg is visible. This represents the emotions we express, such as anger. The bottom of the iceberg is not visible. This represents the emotions that are harder to feel, like sadness or hurt feelings. Use the iceberg to process negative emotions. Try using it in your classroom today!