Lovable Lula

Lovable Lula is Here to Teach us About Compassion and Empathy. 

Meet Lula the love struck monster that bring joy and rainbows everywhere she goes. Lula loves to dance, sing, and bake. Her dream is to travel the world on a unicorn. She dreams of flying and wants to be a pilot when she grows up. Lula is loud and loves being the center of attention. She loves hugs and selfies. Her favorite food is pizza and fries. She likes to hang out at Starbucks with her friends.

Lula is popular, fierce, and funny. She has two dads and spends her weekends watching You Tube videos, playing outside, and Snap Chatting her day away. She wants to start her own You Tube Channel. Her dads are a little concern so they spoke to the teacher to learn more about social media and the internet. The teacher shared the cyberbullying curriculum to help them understand more about the virtual world. Click on the picture below to get more info.