The Working Mom: Life of a Bully Teacher

The Working Mom: Life Of A Bully Teacher Podcast

Welcome to The Working Mom: Life of a Bully Teacher. The goals for  the podcast is to give parents resources, tips, and strategies about addressing bullying. We will have experts, researchers, educators, and psychologists join us to share about their tips to best protect our children.

The second purpose and little spin to this podcast is to talk about some of the struggles of a working mom and get some tips to help us manage it all! I spent years struggling with the guilt and shame of being a working mom, well not anymore! I have developed a great hub of resources and experts all here to help us. I am excited to share this with you and us navigate the working mom world. Come join us on our exciting new journey as we learn, share, and build a community!

Until Next Time…

Dr. Kortney Peagram