What Parents Can Learn from Their Kids: A Fresh Perspective

With the new school year in roll, it is important to take time and think about what you can learn from your children as parents; this can help break up boring routines and help with personal goal setting. Heck, children should not have to do all of the learning alone. Below you can find a tally of different things parents said they learned from their children in a survey we conducted.

Ten Things You Can Learn From Your Kids

  1. Take risks! Kids are fearless and we need to do that more in our own lives.
  2. Everything is temporary. You can only pay attention to what is happening right now.
  3. Kids teach us how to love, how to feel sadness, and JOY! Take in their new perception on life and see what really matters.
  4. Simplify! You can’t control anything. Let it go! Our kids are gifts and they are not our property.
  5. Love fiercely and completely! Patience is really all about practice.
  6. There is not always a direct path from A to B; the detours are the best part. You can’t plan for everything. Even though you still try to, you just can’t.
  7. Beauty comes from the inside. Strength is something you must become. Honesty is a gift that will never fail you.
  8. Dance like no one is watching! Learn how to be silly. As parents, love life the way your kids do and don’t care what others think when you sing out loud.
  9. Unconditional love. Laugh, love, and be in the moment.
  10. Never criticize. Be the voice in your kids’ lives and not the judge.


Your Bulldog Team