Combating Bullying with Resilience and Goal Setting

A Guide to Bullying Prevention Month

combat bullying for bullying prevention month

Building a student’s resilience can help combat the effects of bullying behavior on an individual. The key to developing this resilience is to set and accomplish goals. Here are some ways to enhance the success of accomplishing goals in your students to combat bullying during bullying prevention month:

Set goals: Learn to set small and attainable goals for the future you visualize.

Move toward your goals: Track your success and make plans, lists, or do something to accomplish your goals.

Build a routine: Start building a routine so you feel more in control. Set up a time to do your homework, chores, or even bedtime. Having a set schedule will help you be more structured. When you have a bad day, you can focus on your routine or schedule to get through it.

Journal: Learn about yourself in the process. Write about your pain, frustrations, and how you are coping. The more you write, the better you will feel. It gives you an opportunity to vent without anyone judging or commenting. Once the emotion is on paper, it helps get it out of your head.

Develop strategies to be positive about yourself: Give yourself a pep talk, know the positive qualities about yourself, and engage in something you are good at.

Avoid blowing things out of proportion: Don’t feed into the drama you may find yourself in. If at first you don’t accomplish a goal, try again. Realize that people make mistakes.

Take care of yourself: Exercise, sleep, eat well, and surround yourself with people you feel safe with.



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