Finding More Time in Your Day

tips on how to find more time in your day by Bulldog Solution

Finding time is something I still struggle with and try to find solutions to get more done with less time. It is something that baffles me. As a leader, executive coach, professor, and trainer, I still struggle with time management. It is an uphill battle; the minute I have found a system or solution, something else gets thrown at me. I have tried every agenda, journal, system, and strategy thought possible. In the process, I have found my own equation to get the most out of my day.

Strategies for Finding More Time in Your Day:

1. Your calendar is your roadmap
2. Morning Rituals are key
3. Delegate. Review. Delegate More
4. Give each task more time then anticipated
5. Use travel time efficiently
6. Monitor your time
7. Delegate your email
8. Assign yourself only 3 tasks for the day
9. Break down your tasks so they are not so overwhelming
10. Be realistic about your to do list
11. Journal your thoughts to open your mind; find one journal that works for you

Until Next Time,

Dr. Kortney Peagram

Finding Time to Best Manage Your Day