Setting Values in Your Home

As parents, we need to live, breath, model, and teach our children about values.  I recommend you have a meeting with your family or partner (if your kids are too young) and establish what you value as a family. Once you establish what is important to you, then create value statements so your family can see how you share and express your values in the for parents on how to set values in your home by Bulldog Solution in Chicago, IL

Kindness: To be kind to each other by giving daily compliments, asking how we can help, and checking in with each other through notes, text, or calls and apologizing when we hurt each other or did something wrong.

Manners: Being polite, saying good morning, asking about our day, saying please and thank you, using proper table manners, not interrupting each other. Accepting others apologies and extending gratitude.

Compassion: Reaching out to each other when one of us is stressed, hurt, sad, or mad. Putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes, listening to each other, being there for each other. Asking how we can help or support each other.

Family Planning: We have “OPS Meetings” every Saturday to plan our weekend. We talk about cleaning, events we need to attend, and meal prep for the week. Then we take a few minutes to connect and talk about what we want to do over the weekend. We also re-evaluate our week and what is coming up.

These are some of our values and how we establish our mantra, mission, and vision statement as a family. It is important to teach our children the skills to learn who they are, what they want to represent, and how they portray themselves. Once you establish the values, it helps develop structure, foundations, and habits for your family.



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