Monday Motivation

Monday motivation can be hard to find and mornings can be rough, especially with the weather being so unpredictable these days (thanks Chicago!) This got us talking this morning, and we started sharing our best strategies to overcome the Monday blues. Here are our top five tips that we wanted to share with all of you:Finding Monday motivation made much easier with the help of Bulldog Solution in Chicago, IL

  1. Create a weekly schedule. Start early! We try to plan ahead for the week by creating a schedule of things that we need to accomplish, such as meetings, work schedules, homework, and time with friends/family.
  2. Pack a healthy lunch and/or snacks. Packing a nutritious lunch the night before gives us the focus and energy needed to tackle our Monday tasks.
  3. Budget a few minutes for yourself first thing after waking up. Take a few minutes to center yourself and prepare for the day ahead. Do whatever works for you. Our favorite things include working out, drinking coffee, meditation and/or eating a hearty breakfast.
  4. Get outside before work. If working out first thing on Monday morning isn’t your jam (we have to be honest, it’s not ours either!) then take 15 minutes to get outside and enjoy some fresh air before your workday begins.



Finding Grit in the Face of Adversity