Coping Strategies During Conflict Situations

Dealing with negative social behaviors, such as drama or bullying requires resilience and coping skills. Here is a list of coping skills most used by Bulldog Solution’s students during our programs.

coping strategies during conflict situations by Bulldog Solution

Coping Strategies for Students Faced with Conflict Situations:

  • Walk away from the moment. Students are often only in control of their reaction to a situation or circumstance. Telling the other student they are having a disagreement and that this is not the right time nor place for the argument allows time to regroup. It also tells the opposing party that they will come back to the situation at a later time.
  • Pressure points. When anxious and frustrated, students can sit in a chair and use both hands to push down at the base of the seat for 10 seconds as hard as they can; they then pull up on the base of the seat for an opposing 10 seconds. This coping strategy puts pressure on the body and releases energy through physical movements.
  • Belly Breathing. Students can walk away from a situation and take a deep breath in and deep breath out 3 times. This reduces anxiety and removes the student from an initial reaction to the situation.
  • Taking 10 Seconds “Out”. Students ask authority figures or persons they are arguing with to take a moment away from them, usually in another room or setting. Students are able to regroup during this time.



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