Reducing Drama and Conflict in Your Home

Tips to have a drama free home over the holiday season by Bulldog Solution in Chicago, IL

With students having days of from school and more time at home, drama can be on the rise. Today we are focusing on providing you with tips and strategies to have a drama free week of celebrations and time home with your student/students. First, it is important for adults to understand what drama really is. Drama is the combination of rumors, gossip, and teasing in conflict situations between individuals or groups. Drama is not bullying because there is not a power difference between groups or the individuals. With drama, the person being targeted is retaliating or fighting back. If there is no fighting or retaliation, then the situation displayed is considered bullying.

Tips for a Drama Free Home

Expectations to Set:

  • Say something nice to someone in your family everyday
  • Always say please and thank you
  • When you are arguing with someone, walk away before saying something mean
  • Apologize after an argument and be sincere
  • Talk to mom or dad when you are upset or when your feelings are hurt
  • It is ok to say: “This hurts my feelings.” “Stop teasing me, I don’t think it is funny.”

Rules to Follow: It is not okay to…

  • Tease your brother or sister about their looks, weight, grades, failures, or embarrassing moments
  • Call them mean names such as fat, ugly, stupid, etc.
  • Call your brother or sister names when you are fighting
  • Spread rumors about friends, classmates, or siblings
  • Post inappropriate things about anyone online
  • Say bad things or make up lies about someone else
  • Yell back at mom or dad

Establishing Consequences:

If someone in this household hears or sees any of the behaviors above, the following consequences will occur:

  • Write an apology letter
  • Come up with 5 ways to change the behavior
  • Practice the new behaviors with mom or dad
  • Spend a day or afternoon volunteering
  • Do a research project on consequences of teasing, gossip, and rumor

This is just an idea of what you can put on the list. Think about how your family operates and what would be the best way to teach your kids about these things during the holiday season. When you can reduce drama you often can prevent bullying. Let’s start with educating our students at home.



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