Creating a Fun and Safe Space for Kids

Sometimes it is hard to create a fun classroom environment and maintain safety of all students at the same time. We have come up with multiple tips in which you as an elementary teacher or counselor can do just so. These tips are a great way to keep students engaged over the next few weeks before the holidays.

Tips for Teachers

Set rules, boundaries, and expectations in your group: Share them with your campers in the beginning of summer. You can create a posted board or some visual so they can always see it first thing in the morning. Remember to repeat the rules, boundaries, and expectations on a daily basis. You can make it a morning routine and engage the campers. Use this as a starting point in the morning to check-in with your kids.

Start the days with a ritual, such as sharing a story, quote, or joke: Have the students take turns sharing during the morning ritual. You can assign them days to share their ritual or you can make it a group effort.

Say good morning and use the kids’ names to create connections with students: You might be the first one to acknowledge a student that day and by saying good morning, could change the course of the child’s day. Kids love to be acknowledged and feel important. We all do. All it takes is a simple “Hello Billie!” “Good Morning Morgan!” to change their attitude.

Address teasing right away: Don’t ignore it, laugh about it, or think that it is a part of growing up. Teasing often leads to bullying, and it is harmful for a child’s self-esteem. Kids are so impressionable, so be the best version of yourself! Use your power to start teaching them about kindness and eliminate the teasing. Share how it hurts to be excluded or teased. Create strategies for the kids to help each other and resolve conflict.

Teaching positive social skills eliminates bullying, empowers kids to be kind, and helps everyone be safe! Below is a fun worksheet you can use with your students to keep them engaged and having fun.



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