Self Harm Being Shown on YouTube Kids

Self Harm is being shown on YouTube Kids

Dear Parents, please beware of YouTube Kids content. After several complaints of children accidentally clicking on inappropriate videos made headlines in the media, YouTube took considerable efforts to launch YouTube Kids. The goal was to bring parents peace of mind knowing that the content their children had access to would be appropriate for their age. However, the reality of the situation might do just the opposite…
Recently, it has been reported that YouTube Kids is now being hacked by people who are promoting self-harm to children. This includes showing inappropriate images of cartoons dying, committing suicide, killing one another, using drugs, and in some cases even has cartoons telling children to do dangerous things.
One such example was alleged to include a voiceover of a popular Paw Patrol character telling children to, “Wait for your parents to fall asleep, then turn on the stove.”
These types of things are happening about three to four minutes into the videos when parents are no longer watching with their children.
YouTube Kids most recently had to delete clips of a man appearing on screen showing children how to slit their wrists while stating, “Remember kids, sideways for attention, longways for results. End it.”
Parents, we want to warn you about this content. When you are allowing your children to watch YouTube or YouTube Kids to be aware of the content they are watching. Monitoring is the key to safety!
From work to running errands to taking care of a busy household, we understand how hectic life can be and sometimes it is a lifesaver to have YouTube Kids available. However, take the time to screen and monitor the content. This will keep your children safe and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.
With Love,

The Bulldog Team

Written by Alex Arriaga
Social Media Strategist and Consultant
Bulldog Solution