Strategies to Overcome Cyberbullying

strategies on overcoming cyberbullying for parents by bulldog solution

  Continuing on with Bullying Prevention Month, this week we are talking about strategies to overcome cyberbullying. It is very important for parents and educators to understand both the social and virtual worlds of children. Knowing the following strategies can help save a child’s life.   Tips for Parents: Observe your kids for any changes […]

Signs a Child is Being Bullied

how to recognize the signs of a child being bullied for bullying prevention month by bulldog solution

Dear Bulldog, What are some signs I might notice if my child is being bullied? Thanks,  From a Concerned Mom     Dear Concerned Mom, This is often a difficult question for us as each child reacts differently to bullying. There are a few signs that are often the biggest tells, but just follow your […]

Bullying Definitions: What You Need to Know!

All of the bullying definitions you need to know for bullying prevention month in chicago by Bulldog Solution

Our biggest goal this month is to teach adults about the difference between bullying and drama. Over the past few years, it seems that everything has become labeled as bullying. As the month progresses, we will share more tips and strategies to address drama, conflict, bullying and cyberbullying. Let’s dig a little deeper and learn more about […]

Cyberbullying: Tips for Parents at Home

keeping you home safe from cyberbullying during bullying prevention month

    Bullying Prevention Month Starts at Home With it being Bullying Prevention Month, we thought it would be a great time to talk about cyberbullying as it often gets over looked. With a world of technology and people sitting behind screens, cyberbullying has risen; this has made it even more important to set rules […]

Dear Motivated Site Director: Motivating Parents to Keep Students Engaged

motivate parents to keep students engaged

Dear Bulldog, I am an after school Site Director and often struggle keeping my students engaged and involved during the activities. It is often the parents attitude towards the program. I want to motivate parents about the program, so my students are excited. Please let me know what you would do.   Thank you, A […]

Combating Bullying with Resilience and Goal Setting

combat bullying for bullying prevention month

A Guide to Bullying Prevention Month Building a student’s resilience can help combat the effects of bullying behavior on an individual. The key to developing this resilience is to set and accomplish goals. Here are some ways to enhance the success of accomplishing goals in your students to combat bullying during bullying prevention month: Set […]

A True Story from an 11-Year-Old Victim of Bullying

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Made In His Image We are honored to be a part of promoting the movie Made In His Image for bullying prevention month. This short film is based on a true story by 11-year-old Writer, Director and Producer, Anah Ambuchi and Executive Producer and Co-Director Jossie Harris Thacker. Come join us in this event Oct 20th! […]

A Frustrated Staff

Dear Bulldog, How do you keep teenagers engaged and off of their cell phones? I watch them on their phones during specials, morning assemblies, or during programs and it frustrates me, they are not engaged but even more distracted. Thanks for your help, A Frustrated Staff   Dear Frustrated Staff, Here is what we do […]

Sick of Crying Seca

Dear Bulldog, A child cries for their parent all day or at the start of the school day. What would you do? I just can’t seem to calm him/her down. Any advice is welcome! Sick of Crying Seca     Dear Sick of Crying Seca, If a child is crying for their parent at the […]

Strategies to Reduce Drama Before it Becomes Bullying

With October approaching fast and it being bullying prevention month soon, we at Bulldog Solution thought it would be a great time to talk about one of the biggest reasons for bullying: DRAMA. Below we cover reasons that drama occurs and strategies to reduce drama before it becomes bullying. Top Reasons Drama Occurs It makes […]