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 Bulldog Solution’s professional development workshops are engaging and action focused. Bulldog facilitators work with teachers, staff, and paraprofessionals to ensure that they learn new techniques to apply immediately back into the classrooms. Using experiential activities, case studies, role-plays, and worksheets, Bulldog facilitators create strategies to help educators learn how to apply models and theories into practice.

Program: Professional Development
Type: Train-the-trainer format
Audience: Teachers, Educators, Social Workers, and Administrators
Length: 2-hour

Advisory groups are being utilized more because they build connection with peers and facilitates information in a novel way. The advisory groups typically meet weekly and content that ranges from 45- 60 minutes. The focus of our advisory groups are to develop the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills of each classroom and student. Social Emotional Learning also known as emotional intelligence has been found to help student perform better in the classroom and in the board room later in life. We customize units to fit the culture of the school which includes best practices and applicable resources for students to utilize. We accomplish this by designing content for children in middle school that is relatable to their emotional development, brain development, and their ability to process information. Our content is highly interactive and contains curriculums that are filled with activities, tips, and discussion points.

The purpose of our train the trainer advisory program is designed to teach educators, social workers and administrators on how to run a successful advisory group. In our training sessions you will gain tips and tricks to best handle groups and how to present information. With the completion of the program we provide you with how-to’s on implementing the advisory groups, the full curriculum ready to facilitate,
and best practices in managing your groups.

The units can be delivered once a week or throughout the week dependent on your preference.

Professional Development Topics:

  • Bullying Awareness and Prevention Strategies
  • Cyberbullying and Digital Safety
  • Social Emotional Learning: Classroom Application
  • Increasing Diversity in the Classroom
  • Positive School Climate Strategies
  • Workshop on Activities and Games to Increase Compassion, Empathy, and Kindness
  • Team Building: How to Build a Strong United Team
  • Restorative Justice Activities and Strategies
  • Addressing Workplace and Sexual Harassment
  • Addressing Conflict
  • Building Strong Parent Relationship
  • Addressing LGBTQ in the Classroom

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Virtual Program Offered by Bulldog Solution

The coaching sessions and the PD training sessions are 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Each session and PD training are the $250.00.

We can do Zoom meetings, Go to Meetings, Google Meet, and phone conferences.

Teacher Coaching Sessions

These sessions are to help teachers look at problem and different perspectives. We deconstruct a problem and come up with solutions that are applicable to your school.

Facilitator Hot Seat Coaching:

This coaching session teachers get to put the Bulldog facilitator in the hot seat to explore what to do and how to process different situations. The session starts off with a common problem and through role-play and brainstorming we form ideas and strategies. Teachers can test ideas and strategies without being put on the spot. The facilitator holds the space for the group to explore.

PD Training on Implementing SEL into your Daily Curriculum Online

Coming up with daily easy to implement practices into any topic or learning session. From math to history how to us SEL into your sessions without adding any work. Coming up with scenarios and scripts to fuel more SEL into each classroom meeting.

PD Re-Integration Program

 How to re-integrate our students into school life and daily new practices as we are moving into a new framework of teaching. Students have been at home for 2-3 months planning and prepping to welcome back to school will take a lot of redirection and emotional management.

PD Emotional Management and Literacy

Finding tips on how to teach our students to name emotions and manage them as we re-integrate. Finding how to use transition statements, de-escalations strategies, and corrective responses to manage the emotional realm of students daily. Learning how to create a safe place for students to discuss their fear and anxiety to be able to learn and focus on the task at hand.

PD on Uncertainty and Managing Change

This session focuses on understanding how to manage change and uncertainty. We will go over what is within our control and what is out of our control. We go over models of change and best practices to manage uncertainty.

PD on Virtual Teambuilding and Collaboration

Going over best communication practices and how to best support each other in these uncertain times. We go over trust building strategies and how to build teams and collaboration from a distance learning.

PD on Method of Procedure

 This session goes over protocol and best practices to move into the new school year. We go over action plan and protocols. We talk about safety measures and ideas to help ease into the start of the school year.

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Book a Parent Workshop

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Book Professional Development

Book Professional Development

Bulldog facilitators work with teachers, staff, and paraprofessionals to ensure that they learn new techniques to apply immediately back into the classrooms.
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Consult with Dr. Peagram

Consult with Dr. Peagram

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