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Bulldog Solution talks about the dangers of teens participating in the Bird Box challenge

Danger: Bird Box Challenge

There is a big buzz around Bird Box and a large following of teens wanting to test their boundaries. If you have not seen the ...
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The Danger Behind Slimming Teas

Have you heard of “Slimming Tea” or “Appetite Suppressing Lollipops”? These are new weight-loss measures adults are taking, which are laxatives being promoted by such ...
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The Story of a Boy Who Died Too Young

Gun violence is tearing apart our communities, debilitating our schools, and leaving our hearts shattered. I know it because not only do I see it ...
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Creating a Fun and Safe Space for Kids

Sometimes it is hard to create a fun classroom environment and maintain safety of all students at the same time. We have come up with ...
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Tips to have a drama free home over the holiday season by Bulldog Solution in Chicago, IL

Reducing Drama and Conflict in Your Home

With students having days of from school and more time at home, drama can be on the rise. Today we are focusing on providing you ...
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coping strategies during conflict situations by Bulldog Solution

Coping Strategies During Conflict Situations

Dealing with negative social behaviors, such as drama or bullying requires resilience and coping skills. Here is a list of coping skills most used by ...
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tips and tricks on work-life balance for parents and educators by Bulldog Solution

Work-Life Balance: Get It In 5 Easy Steps!

Work-Life Balance has to do with balancing work and family responsibilities. It can be difficult to not bring home the stress of an uncompleted project to ...
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Finding Monday motivation made much easier with the help of Bulldog Solution in Chicago, IL

Monday Motivation

Monday motivation can be hard to find and mornings can be rough, especially with the weather being so unpredictable these days (thanks Chicago!) This got ...
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New Year New You Assemblies

This year, shine brighter than ever and be the star you know you can be! Bulldog Solution, Inc. is excited to announce the launching of ...
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Tips on how to manage conflict and anger in teens by Bulldog Solution in Chicago, IL

Managing Conflict and Anger in Teens

With our parent trainings we often get on the discussion of anger and conflict. Below are some strategies to use when managing your child’s anger ...
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teachers true story on bullying by bulldog solution in chicago, IL

The 5’10 Teacher: A True Story on Bullying

Growing up 5’10 in middle school with no real curves, my body was the source of constant ridicule from those that were jealous of my ...
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tips for parents on how to set values in your home by Bulldog Solution in Chicago, IL

Setting Values in Your Home

As parents, we need to live, breath, model, and teach our children about values.  I recommend you have a meeting with your family or partner ...
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