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Tips on how to Keep Students Engage and Manage Your Groups Before the Holidays by Bulldog Solution in Chicago, IL

How to Manage Your Classroom Before the Holidays

With the holiday season starting, groups and classrooms get harder to manage. Students are ready for a break and are most distracted than ever. It ...
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Tips on how to develop SEL Skills in students at home over break by Bulldog Solution

3 Tips To Help Children Develop SEL Skills

With the time off for the holidays creeping closer, I want to talk about ideas to continue building your child’s Social Emotional Learning skills (SEL) ...
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Tips on how to teach students about emotions for teachers and educators in Chicago

Best Strategies To Teach Students About Emotions

To reduce and eradicate bullying, we need to address emotions and find the root cause of bullying. We often think that bringing in a speaker ...
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how to run a peace circle for bullying prevention month by bulldog solution in Chicago, IL

How to Run a Peace Circle

We found that using peace circles in the classroom is a good way to practice the social emotional learning (SEL) skills, reduce drama, and proactively ...
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tips on how to create an inclusive school environment by Bulldog Solution

Creating an Inclusive Environment

Recently, Bulldog Solution has focused on educating teachers, camp counselors, principals, and students about creating an inclusive community. As a whole, we need to start ...
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tips on how to find more time in your day by Bulldog Solution

Finding More Time in Your Day

Finding time is something I still struggle with and try to find solutions to get more done with less time. It is something that baffles ...
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strategies to recognize healthy relationships by bulldog solution

Fostering a Healthy Relationship

This week we are focusing on healthy relationships and knowing how to recognize the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship. It is ...
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the evolution of bullying for bullying prevention months by bulldog solution

The Evolution of Bullying

Today, bullying is seen as a stigmatized, overused word that no one wants to address and can happen to anyone, at anytime. With the increase ...
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strategies on overcoming cyberbullying for parents by bulldog solution

Strategies to Overcome Cyberbullying

  Continuing on with Bullying Prevention Month, this week we are talking about strategies to overcome cyberbullying. It is very important for parents and educators ...
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how to recognize the signs of a child being bullied for bullying prevention month by bulldog solution

Signs a Child is Being Bullied

Dear Bulldog, What are some signs I might notice if my child is being bullied? Thanks,  From a Concerned Mom     Dear Concerned Mom, ...
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All of the bullying definitions you need to know for bullying prevention month in chicago by Bulldog Solution

Bullying Definitions: What You Need to Know!

Our biggest goal this month is to teach adults about the difference between bullying and drama. Over the past few years, it seems that everything ...
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keeping you home safe from cyberbullying during bullying prevention month

Cyberbullying: Tips for Parents at Home

    Bullying Prevention Month Starts at Home With it being Bullying Prevention Month, we thought it would be a great time to talk about ...
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