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Bullying, Bullet Proof Backpack, and Back-to-School

Preparing Our Students for Another School Year With the work we do at Bulldog Solution, it is important to set our kids up for success ...
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Managing Your Classroom for Success

Tips to Manage New Students at the Beginning of the School Year School supplies on sale already! As I scrolled through Facebook, I couldn’t help ...
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Bullying Prevention Tips

With summer in full swing, we have to keep up to date on tips to reduce and overcome bullying. It can happen at camp, at ...
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Talking about Suicide

This week has left a lot of us in despair. Two talented creative celebrities took their own lives. We are left sad, confused, and perhaps ...
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The Working Mom: Life of a Bully Teacher

The Working Mom: Life Of A Bully Teacher Podcast Welcome to The Working Mom: Life of a Bully Teacher. The goals for  the podcast is ...
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Talking to your Kids about Drama and Bullying

Our biggest goal at Bulldog Solution is to teach parents about the difference between bullying and drama. Over the past few years, it seems that ...
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Lovable Lula

Lovable Lula is Here to Teach us About Compassion and Empathy.  Meet Lula the love struck monster that bring joy and rainbows everywhere she goes. ...
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Desaree Discovered The Anger Iceburg

Desaree is here to share her story Hi, I’m Desaree, but my friends call me D. I’m kind of shy and quiet until you get ...
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Alex the Bully Buster

Meet our monster of the week: Alex the Bully Buster  Alejo aka “Alex” is originally from Colombia but lives in Chicago. He is 6 years ...
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Parents Beware of Live.Me it is a Dangerous Trap for Kids

There is a new dangerous app circling your kids sphere of influence…It is called Live.Me. Live.Me is a social media platform designed for people to ...
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Meet Chimare Eaglin from Bulldog

Educator and Travel Enthusiast Hello Educators and Parents, I’m Chimare Eaglin. Working for Bulldog is great! Everyone has the chance to use their unique gifts ...
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Tips to Create a Fun and Safe Camp

Managing Your Camp for Success  With summer around the corner… We want to share some of our tips from training camp directors, camp counselors, and ...
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