Bulldog’s Crisis Response Team

With the new school year approaching, we want to offer more services to our clients. Starting this fall, we will be offering a program that helps schools address and better manage crisis situations.

Bulldog’s Crisis Response Teamⓒ.  The CRT’s mission is to provide short-term crisis intervention to students and teachers to manage stressful situations, grief, loss, and escalated bullying incidents. We provide 2-3 weeks of consulting and help your school manage the incident and rebuild a sense of community.

When to Call Bulldog:

We provide our services the minute your school enters a crisis situation. CRT offers week-long interventions depending on the situation and desired outcomes. Our team is trained in many crisis intervention scenarios including but not limited to:

  • Cyberbullying Incidents
  • Sexting Incidents
  • Bullying Incidents  
  • School shooting
  • Suicide and grief
  • Gun violence
  • Group harassment  or hazing
  • Sexual harassment
  • Racist incidents
  • High administrative turnover


Crisis Intervention Model:

The CRT sends trained facilitators to help administrators, teachers, parents, and students address the situation, put in place new protocols, implement new procedure, develop school wide strategies, and train staff on how to best manage the incident. Additionally, we provide counseling, consulting, and PR services.

At Bulldog Solution Inc. we assess the situation, and from our assessment we develop a school safety plan with clear objectives, goals, and implementation processes. Help provide group sessions for counseling, one-on-one counseling sessions, assemblies, parent meetings, PD intervention trainings, and conflict mediation. We work with psychologists, social workers, business consultants, business psychologists, and PR consultants. Our goal is to address the crisis head on, provide your school with the best recommendations, and rollout our action plan to deliver results to rebuild a safe positive school climate.

These interventions facilitate stress reduction, minimize the occurrence of maladaptive coping strategies, and improve problem-solving capabilities.

Our services equip school administrators with the resources and skills needed for optimized crisis intervention. Please reach out to us for more information.