Signs a Child is Being Bullied

how to recognize the signs of a child being bullied for bullying prevention month by bulldog solution

Dear Bulldog, What are some signs I might notice if my child is being bullied? Thanks,  From a Concerned Mom     Dear Concerned Mom, This is often a difficult question for us as each child reacts differently to bullying. There are a few signs that are often the biggest tells, but just follow your […]

Dear Motivated Site Director: Motivating Parents to Keep Students Engaged

motivate parents to keep students engaged

Dear Bulldog, I am an after school Site Director and often struggle keeping my students engaged and involved during the activities. It is often the parents attitude towards the program. I want to motivate parents about the program, so my students are excited. Please let me know what you would do.   Thank you, A […]

A Frustrated Staff

Dear Bulldog, How do you keep teenagers engaged and off of their cell phones? I watch them on their phones during specials, morning assemblies, or during programs and it frustrates me, they are not engaged but even more distracted. Thanks for your help, A Frustrated Staff   Dear Frustrated Staff, Here is what we do […]

Sick of Crying Seca

Dear Bulldog, A child cries for their parent all day or at the start of the school day. What would you do? I just can’t seem to calm him/her down. Any advice is welcome! Sick of Crying Seca     Dear Sick of Crying Seca, If a child is crying for their parent at the […]

What to do When a Child is not Engaged in an Activity

Dear Bulldog, I am a social worker in an elementary school. Often I run group activities. What can I do when a child is not engaged in an activity? Thanks for your help, Sam   Dear Sam, During activities you will always have children who are not engaged. It could be due to many factors […]

Building Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at Home

A Mom from the Northwest Suburbs Chicago, IL  Dear Bulldog,  I just joined the PTA for my son’s school. They want to bridge the gap from school to home to further develop children’s Social Emotional Skill (SEL). What do you recommend?  Thanks,  A PTA Mom  Dear PTA Mom, We would recommend you start with simple […]

What to do with Mean Girls

  Dear Bulldog, My daughter is a senior in high school this year. Her closest friend, this past spring decided to ignore my daughter in order to make alliances with other friends in school. She then started spreading vicious rumors about my daughter. My daughter has tried multiple times to meet with her and perhaps […]

Prepping for the First Day of School

Question of the day from a mother in Springfield, Illinois:   Dear Bulldog, How do I prepare my child for the first day of school? From an Advice Seeking Mom   Dear Advice Seeking Mom, From back-to-school shopping for clothes and supplies to just plain getting back into the old routine there always seems to […]

Starting High School in a New Town

Question of the Day from Parents of a High School Freshman in Cleveland, Ohio: Dear Bulldog, My husband and I recently relocated from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cleveland, Ohio this past summer due to work-related opportunities there. Coming along for the move with us is our only child who will be starting high school this year […]

My Kid is a Bully

Dear Bulldog,  I found out that my son was involved with a group of kids that were bullying this other kid. I am mortified and so upset. He is not like that and bullying is not acceptable in our home. What do I do?  From an Upset Mother  Dear Upset Mother, We understand how this […]