[vc_row height=”auto” width=”full”][vc_column][us_image_slider ids=”5536″ arrows=”hide” img_size=”full” img_fit=”cover”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bulldog Solution specializes in team building, leadership, diversity and communication. We design programs to increase productivity and efficiency. Bulldog Solution is an innovator in corporate training programs. Through experiential learning and content exploration, a deeper understanding of concepts and processes is gained. In addition, participants walk away with tools and skills they are able to immediately implement into their current positions.

Bulldog Solution operates as a social enterprise. For every corporate program we complete, a portion of the profits benefit a school. We do this by offering a free or reduced-price program (anti-bullying, cyberbullying, leadership, or team-building) to a school that would otherwise not be able to afford it.

Programs and Services

Team Building Program

Our team-building programs are highly interactive and engaging. We have over 72 different activities to address each unique aspect of teamwork. We custom design curriculums that support your current structure and give your team tools that fit within your organization’s culture. We sequence our activities to give the participants the most out of their experience. We love working with new ideas and concepts, too!

We give participants insight into their roles, tasks, and impact within groups. We work on building team skills to increase performance and communication. In our programs, we develop strategies that can be immediately applied to the organization. We create action plans and custom worksheets to keep the content of the training applicable and relevant.  We are a great addition to a series of team building programs or longer-term initiatives. Our sessions help support the current curriculum or program in place. We custom design a program that will support your current system and give your team tools to support the culture set in place.

Sample Team Building Agenda

Leadership Programs

Our leadership programs give participants insight into their roles, tasks, and impact within groups. We are a great addition to initiative or longer-term programs. Our sessions help support the current curriculum or program in place. We add in experiential activities and worksheets for leaders to improve their communication, delegation, and conflict management skills. It is through experiential activities that leaders can become more efficient in delegating, setting goals, strategic planning, and building their teams. We use assessments (such as DiSC® CDP®, 16PF®), case studies, activities, resources, and action plans to drive deliverables and sustainable results.

Sample Leadership Agenda

Diversity & Workplace Conflict Programs

Our diversity programs reduce drama, increase workplace collaboration, and prevent workplace bullying. The focus on solutions and strategies increases the overall communication process while breaking down resistance at the same time. We help overcome the classic “us vs. them” dilemma. We address differences in power and help employees feel valued and respected. Our interactive programs address the needs of the organization, as well as the concerns of the employees.

Sample Diversity Training Agenda

Train-the-Trainer Programs

This program is designed to train employees, staff, and leaders on various topics, based entirely on your company’s needs. We build curriculums, manuals, content, and deliver training to help implement the program into your organization. Bulldog Solution will assess the group’s needs, address past work experiences, and find drivers for success to ultimately deliver a powerful innovative train-the-trainer approach to ensure long-term organizational success.

Sample Train the Trainer Agenda

Meeting Facilitation

Our meeting facilitation consists of providing your meetings with a structured agenda, goals, mediation, facilitated discussion, and the ability to run effective meetings. Using our facilitators, clients have discovered how to attain realistic results in meetings. No more wasted time or off topic discussions. With our service, we focus on meeting goals, objectives, and efficiency.

Sample Meeting Facilitation

Motivational Interviewing & Group Coaching 

This program gives leaders and mid-level managers the extra support to build their skill set while focusing on career advancement. We use theory-based practice along with interactive learning to develop attainable, concrete action plans. Similar to the Train-the-Trainer program, we will assess the needs of the group or individual, address past work experiences, and find drivers for success. The difference here is that we focus more on self-evaluation in these programs. Our ability to actively listen will provide the space for you to safely discuss your own strengths and opportunities, individually or as a group. This will allow you to develop the best strategies and action plans to attain your goals and boost your career to the next level.