Bullying Awareness Toolkit


This SEL Toolkit provides a curriculum to identify and address bullying. The box is filled with content to review conflict, drama, and bullying. This box contains a bullying awareness activity and instructions to run peace circles. Pre-k to 12 grade curriculums are available when you customize your toolkit.

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SEL Toolkit -Bullying Awareness Box: The following toolkit includes the Cross the Line activity, curriculum, worksheets, definitions, visuals, and peace circle set up. This SEL Toolkit is designed to build self-awareness and a classroom community. The goal is to better understand our own experiences and realize that we are not alone when faced with drama and bullying.

• SEL Competencies addressed in the activity
• Bulldog Solution “Line” for crossing
• List of Cross the Line statements
• Debrief questions and discussion topics
• Worksheets
• Video
• Peace circle set up
• Talking stick
• Question bank


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