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SEL Toolkit-Bullying Awareness Box: The following toolkit includes the Cross the Line activity, curriculum, worksheets, definitions, visuals, and peace circle set up. This SEL Toolkit is designed to build self-awareness and a classroom community. The goal is to better understand our own experiences and realize that we are not alone when faced with drama and bullying.

  • Creates awareness around bullying and drama
  • Gives resources to define bullying and cyberbullying
  • Builds classroom community
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Helps develop empathy
SEL Toolkit-Problem Solving & Communication Box: The following toolkit includes Group Juggle activity, curriculum, worksheet, additional resources to run different activities to build upon Group Juggle. This SEL Toolkit is designed to increase problem solving and communication.
  • Opens lines of communication
  • Expands on how we receive and share information
  • Works on developing teamwork and collaboration
  • Increase problem solving skills
  • Develops classroom community
SEL Toolkit-Collaboration & Focus Box: The following toolkit includes Tennis Ball Transfer activity, curriculum, worksheets, and visuals. This SEL Toolkit is designed to create strong support systems and build on collaboration.
  • Helps develop strong support systems
  • Reinforces communication and accountability
  • Increases problem solving skills
  • Develops focus and patience
  • Expands on social awareness and support
SEL Toolkit -Emotion Box: The following toolkit includes Mood Dude Activity set, curriculum, worksheets, and a series of emotion activities to help student identify, address, and manage emotions.  This SEL Toolkit works on managing emotions and behaviors. Through a series of activities, students learn a wide range of emotions. The goal is to learn how to acknowledge the emotions, address the behaviors, and find positive alternative to negative behaviors.
  • Fosters more extensive knowledge about emotions
  • Educates students on how to identify, process, and manage emotions
  • Develops skills to manage stress and find positive coping skills
  • Increases social and self-awareness
  • Expands student ability to share information and find solutions to social conflict



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