General Subscription Terms

Your annual subscription for Bulldog Solution, Inc. will start when your payment is confirmed and will continue for a period of nine months. The next annual subscription will renew on August 1 each year. If cancellation is not completed, you will automatically be renewed for an additional year’s subscription and your payment will be collected in full on August 1 of each year. Subscription pricing is subject to change. New pricing takes effect upon renewal of your subscription.

Subscriptions are non-returnable. Results are not guaranteed due to the uncontrolled delivery of service by Bulldog Solution, Inc. The content is based on research, application, and current use; however, delivery of service is a significant consideration in reviewing success.

Canceling Your Subscription

All cancellations of subscriptions will be prorated based on the monthly full-price rate.


Cancellation of the subscription is non-refundable and no credits will be issued except for customers that cancel prior to receiving the second shipment.

Upgrading to 9-Month Subscription

If, after purchasing two months of SEL Toolkits, you decide to purchase the annual rate, you may do so and receive the 9-month rate to include the two previously purchased SEL Toolkits. Contact us for details.


Delivery of the SEL Toolkits is included in the total cost when shipped to a continental US address. All other addresses should contact us for rate quotes for delivery. Bulldog Solution, Inc. is not responsible for delivery time, incorrect addresses provided by customers or damaged deliveries.


Any concerns or questions should be directed to

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