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Everything you need to run an SEL activity in your classroom or school assembly

This SEL Toolkits and Curriculums help build Social Emotional Learning Skills in the classroom. SEL Toolkits and Curriculums are designed to create ongoing experiential learning education based on your state’s SEL proficiencies. Each month a new activity is launched and available to purchase. You can purchase the SEL Toolkits, Curriculums, or Worksheets, individually or via our monthly subscription.

Each SEL Toolkit contains  curriculum, activity instructions, materials, scripts, debrief questions, and an explanation of the appropriate SEL skill linked to the activity.

SEL Toolkits can be customized to fit your classroom or group sessions.

These activities and content are perfect for teachers, social workers, psychologists, counselors and after school programs

$49.99 for a Standard SEL Toolkit

$79.99 for a Customized SEL Toolkit

Fetch the Feeling

Fetch the Feeling Cards are a set of different faces that depict a range of emotions. They are a great tool for facilitators, counselors, teachers, and psychologists to help students learn how to express, share, and understand their feelings.

There are many ways to use your Fetch the Feeling Cards:

  • Match Your Feeling activity
  • Guess My Mood activity
  • Fetch the Feeling activity
  • Act It Out activity
  • Peace Circle Curriculum
  • Processing Tool

Downloadable Programs

Free Teacher Resources

SEL Toolkits & Curriculums address the following topics:

• Bullying / Cyberbullying
• Drama (gossip, rumors, teasing, and roasting)
• Empathy and compassion
• Social Skills
• Communication
• Self-Awareness
• Social-Awareness
• Self-Control
• Positive Relationships
• Problem solving
• Building a support system
• Interpersonal relationships
• Conflict and apologizing
• Decision-Making Skills
• Learn about Goal Setting and Action Planning